Living in Germany...with germans

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I moved to Germany about 2 years ago...
I loved it at the begining...I would've never left it

What did i love and still love about Germany?

- Everything's a lot cleaner than in Eastern Europe
- People are very efficient
- You feel safe walking at night
- There are many FOREIGNERS (that's what I most love about Germany, and Western Europe for that matter)

But...Is it true that germans discriminate?

When I moved here, I would have argued and debated on this theme till I was too tired to go on speaking...DEFINITELY NOT!

But now...I've been starting to wonder..Why have people who have lived here for a way longer time than me come to think that?

In the last months, since I started spending more times with germans I realised that most of them are not very keen on making contacts with foreigners, except for:
-foreigners that were born in Germany or speak perfect german
-Latinos, which germans are simply obsessed with..

Is Germany becoming saturated with foreigners?
Are they afraid we will take over?
Do they feel frustrated, envious, threatened?

What do you think?? Please send me some feedback on this..I am really interested in other opinions.

6 comments: said...

I have lived in Germany for half my adult life. I grew up in New York City. I have to say as I look back I have to say you make a couple of big errors when talking about the Germans. The first is that Germans share some internal disposition about foreigners, they do not. Which leads to the second mistake and this one is easy to make; The Fundamental Attribution Error. That basically means that you attribute the behavior of the Germans you observe with their attitude or perception. In most cases in all people in the world their behavior is more likely to be influenced by the situation (in this case interaction with foreigners) then any attitude or belief they have. How does that work? Think about this is a German likely to treat a foreigner different if he meets him at a birthday party at a friends house or at the grocery store while waiting to pay? If the answer is yes then it is the situation that is determining their behavior not their attitude. To be sure in Germany much of the situations are defined by the culture (think clean) but the people that comprise that culture span the entire spectrum from nice guy to butt head. I think the correct approach is to take it for what it is an adventure story and each day you get to write a new page. Be careful about expectations, they are poison, they always leave you dissappointed. Have Fun, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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